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2 Courses £14.95
3 Courses £17.95

Available all day Sunday - Friday
Saturday 5pm - 7pm
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Chinese Restaurant Glasgow Tau Poon (Starters) Chinese Restaurant in Glasgow  

Har Mei
Prawn cocktail with apples and orange mayonnaise.

Choi Guen (v)
Crispy pancakes rolled with sautéed vegetables.
Served with a sweet plum sauce.

Jiao Yeem Gai Yik
Chicken wings wok fried with fresh chilies, garlic and rock salt.

Sui Kut (n)
Pork ribs stir fried in a fruity Beijing sauce.

Gai Beng
Grilled chicken, served with Malaysian chili salsa.

Chinese Restaurant Glasgow
Jing (Mains)
Chinese Restaurant in Glasgow
Singapore Chow Mein (v)
Wok fried spicy noodles with peppers, mushrooms beansprouts, onions , kale and broccoli.

Chicken Blackbean
Breast Chicken and mixed peppers stir fried with a black bean sauce.
Served with garlic butter fried rice

Sichuan Gai
Breast chicken stir fried with mixed vegetables in a spicy Sichuan sauce.
Served with garlic butter fried rice

Mong Gor Gai (n)
Light crispy coated breast of chicken, in batter, in a mango sauce, with sautéed onions, coriander and crushed cashewnuts.

Kari Fan
Shrimps, Chicken and scotch beef gently simmered in a Malaysian curry.
Served with garlic butter fried rice

Chow Nui
Scotch beef stir fried with mixed vegetables in a spicy tangy red wine jus.
Served with sweet potato mash.

Satay Nui
Scotch beef, with red peppers and onions stir fried in a peanut spicy sauce.
Served with garlic butter fried rice

Sweet and Sour Tiger Prawns
Lightly tempura battered Tiger Prawns, stir fried with peppers onions and pineapple in a sweet and sour sauce.
Served with garlic butter fried rice

Jhing Yu (£2.00 supplement)

Steamed Sea bass on a bed of pak choi with fresh ginger and spring onion topped with soy sauce.
Served with garlic butter fried rice.
Chinese Restaurant Glasgow Pui Choi (Side Orders) Chinese Restaurant in Glasgow
£3.00 each

Pak Choi (v)

Chinese style leave stir fried in a garlic oyster sauce.

Shui Jai (v)
Chips stir fried with fresh chilies, garlic pepper and rock salt.

Plain Chow Mee (v)
Wok fried noodles stir fried with onion and beansprouts.
Chinese Restaurant Glasgow Teem Bun (Desserts) Chinese Restaurant in Glasgow
Lychee Crème Brulee
With a lychee liqueur, and topped with lychee pieces.

Koko Beng (n)
Warm chocolate fudge cake served with vanilla ice cream.

Chi Ci Beng (n)
Lime and lemongrass cheesecake, topped with berry compote.

Ice Cream (n)
Vanilla / Chocolate / Strawberry / Honeycomb / Mango Sorbet
Chinese Restaurant Glasgow
Hot Beverages
Chinese Restaurant in Glasgow
Tea, Peppermint, Earl Grey, Camomile £2.10

Green, Jasmine, Oolong £2.10

Americano, Espresso, Macchiato £2.20

Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Chocolate £2.40

Baileys coffee £4.20

Russian coffee (Smirnoff) £4.20

Calypso coffee (Rum) £4.20

Irish coffee (Jameson) £4.50

Tia Maria coffee £4.50

Gaelic coffee (Black Bottle) £4.50

French coffee (Hennessy) £4.90

(n) – may contain traces of nuts
(v) – denotes vegetarian dish

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Chinese Restaurant Glasgow
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